Breakout Program

Breakout is a crime Prevention, Early Intervention, and Intervention program targeting indigenous young people involved with or at risk of involvement with Youth Justice.

The aim of Breakout is to assist young people to comply with the conditions of their youth justice orders, to reduce their level of risk and to encourage participation in daily activities that promote cultural, personal and positive social development. Breakout is a targeted and culturally responsible program for young people between the ages 10 to 17 (and their families) who are at risk of committing criminal offences with the aim of reducing subsequent offences.

The Break Out Program provides interventions, which are aimed at:

  • Transitioning young people from detention, activities and support for Youth Justice intensive supervision orders
  • Building cultural resilience and understanding
  • Challenging the attitudes and behaviors of young people
  • Enabling the identification of family and individual issues
  • Engaging young people and families with appropriate support services

The Break Out Program delivers a range of services and activities to youth and their families, which are programmed to align with key risk factors, as identified during the initial assessment phase by Brisbane Youth Justice Services.

Youth are referred to NWAICA through the Caboolture Youth Justice Centre, Brisbane, Brisbane North and South Youth Justice and Western Districts Youth Justice.