Little Day Out – Nov 2010

NWAICA ran the “little day out” for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care and living with non indigenous carers. NWAICA partnered with several agencies to deliver the day including Families plus -Lifeline, Alderley Child Safety, ATSIS, Indigenous School support Unit, Mt St Michaels, Everton Park SHS, DoCs – Child Safety, Prince of Peace, BCC, Picabeen and Mercy Families.

The day was hugely successful and about 90 individuals attended the day and enjoyed themselves immensely. There was an art space (organised with ISSU), performing arts (with our community members Troy and Gwen, and Youth Justice youth Gavin, Henry and Rueben; traditional games (run by NWAICA staff) and storytelling (from our NWAICA volunteers Fiona & Karen).

Thanks to everyone who contributed, helped or came along. NWAICA intends to make little day out a regular annual event to promote indigenous culture, pride and identity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care.

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