Who’s Your Mob? – Nov 2010

NWAICA is pleased to report that the cultural yarning day planned by our group, ‘Who’s Your Mob?’ was pronounced: DEADLY!

We had 34 people in attendance in total, including 11 young people from 5 different schools, and 4 elders – a special thank-you to Aunty Amy Atkins, Aunty Phyllis Harrison-Ugle, Aunty Robyn Burnett and Aunty Rae Robinson for your stories and other valuable contributions. Thank-you also to our other community leaders who attended and helped out.

At the start of the day, all the young people were invited to volunteer at the upcoming NWAICA’s Little Day Out for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary school-aged kids in care. By the end of the day, every young person had spoken to Moroni about wanting to come along and help out. A big shout out thank-you to the young people too!

The mood of the day was uplifting, with people excited to have the chance to come together to affirm and share who they are and their connections with others. Relations were discovered and stories were shared. It left everybody excited to continue this story that we have begun together.

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