The North West Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Association (NWAICA) is a not for profit organisation. It was established in the 1990’s by a group of Aboriginal community members, who saw the need for services to support youth and their families in the North-Western suburbs of Brisbane.

Today, NWAICA provides services from Caboolture and its surrounding catchment to all the suburbs North West of the Brisbane river. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) population of this region is approximately 12,000. NWAICA also takes clients from the South Side of Brisbane and is expanding on this.


The hand on NWAICA’s website represents the values of the organisation as the hand is found in Aboriginal Rock Art traditionally and symbolizes belonging, respect and protection.

Respect – respect for self and others

Belonging – belonging to culture, kin, community and country

Protection – safe space, safe place



NWAICA’s aim is to improve the well-being of ATSI families and youth by addressing the underlying causes of youth offending to support change and healing.

NWAICA has been working with ATSI youth for over 16 years and has a high level of knowledge on the issues that affect them. NWAICA provides a holistic service of counselling, case management, programs and activities. NWAICA staff are experienced in domestic violence, drug and alcohol education and support, trauma informed care, housing, mental health, parenting, getting youth back to school, employment and training, financial and food support, court support and detention visits, cultural knowledge and activities, health, nutrition, dental, fitness and sport support. NWAICA also visits the schools and provides support to students there.

NWAICA is funded through the Department of Justice and Attorney-General for a program called “Breakout”. This is an intervention program for ATSI youth between the ages of 10 to 17 and their families, who are involved in the Youth Justice System. Through the “Breakout” program ATSI youth are assisted to comply with the conditions of their youth justice orders and to participate in daily activities that promote culture, health, education and personal development. ATSI youth have the choice to come to NWAICA through the Youth Justice System.

Coverage Area:

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Mrs. Narelle Wharton Board Member

Mrs. Narelle Wharton

Board Member



Mrs. Kerry Kershat

Treasurer of board




Mrs. Sandra Spencer

Manager/Case worker

Mr. Rick Bird Financer/Case Worker

Mr. Rick Bird

Case Worker/Financier

Researcher/Funding Ms Margaret Cherry

 Mrs. Margaret Cherry

Researcher/Funding/Clinical supervision




Ms Anita Evans Community Member

Ms. Anita Evans

Community Member